Groundbreaking Ceremony - August 24, 2019

The official groundbreaking ceremony for Tłı̨chǫ All-Season Road (TASR) was held on Saturday, August 24, 2019 in Whatì. 

Activities included elder prayers, drumming, dignitary speeches, and a community barbecue.

Dozens of community members took part and were joined by the following dignitaries: 

  • Chief Alfonz Nitsiza
  • Chief Clifford Daniels
  • Chief David Wedawin
  • Minister Wally Schumann
  • Minister Louis Sebert
  • Members of the Legislative Assembly Daniel McNeely, Jackson Lafferty, Michael M. Nadli, and Herb Nakimayak
  • Officials from North Star Infrastructure 

Congratulations to Tłı̨chǫ residents, and to everyone who has helped make this project a reality.