Mount Gaudet Access Road

The Mount Gaudet Access Road will build capacity by creating training and employment opportunities for local residents.

Quick Facts (Mount Gaudet Access Road)

  • Two-lane, all-season gravel road
  • 21 kilometres in length
  • Construction anticipated to take 24 to 30 months

Project Highlights

  • This proposed access road will begin at the end of Highway #1 south of Wrigley and stretch 21 kilometres north to Mount Gaudet.
  • This is a capacity-building project that  will  provide training and employment opportunities for local residents.
  • The road will be along the alignment of the existing Mackenzie Valley Winter Road.

Current Status

  • On June 27, 2018, the Government of Canada and the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) announced $140 million for the construction of the Great Bear River Bridge, planning and environmental studies for the MVH between Wrigley and Norman Wells, and construction of the Mount Gaudet Access Road.
  • The GNWT is working with the Pehdzeh Ki First Nation (PKFN) to advance the project.
  • The GNWT is completing a Project Description Report and regulatory applications for the Mount Gaudet Access Road and intends to file these documents in 2020.
  • The GNWT and PKFN have established a joint Training Committee with the objective to identify and deliver training opportunities for community residents to build capacity and allow the community to retain a greater share of the project benefits.
  • The GNWT will continue to engage with PKFN, local governments in Fort Simpson and other stakeholders to discuss the Mount Gaudet Access Road.