GHG Grant Program for Buildings and Industry - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When can I submit an application?

A: You can submit an application (and proposal) at any time throughout the year however it will be reviewed, along with other submissions, during the next scheduled review period. See the Program Guide for these review periods.


Q: What if I have a project idea that is not listed in Section 7 of the Program Guide?

A: Contact the GHG Grant Program Coordinator to discuss eligibility. Some projects, although not listed will still qualify for funding.


Q: If my project is not expected to be completed until after March 31, 2024 can I still get partial funding for my project?

A: No, all projects must be completed by March 31, 2024.


Q: Are there examples or standards for the GHG Emissions calculations and reporting?

A: The GHG Grant Program Coordinator can assist applicants with this requirement. Emission factors can be obtained from Environment and Climate Change Canada. A GHG calculation cheat sheet is available upon request.


Q: If I have been approved for another federal grant or am seeking funding from another federal source, am I eligible for this program?

A: Funding combinations using federal fund sources must be carefully reviewed as federal funds cannot exceed maximum limits and cannot be combined with other specific federal funds. Review the list of these funds in the Program Guide. Other fund agreements must be carefully reviewed as it is possible they identify fund combination limits as well.


Q: Are the grant funds available for advance distribution?

A: No, funds will only be reimbursed after they have been incurred. Recipients can be reimbursed up to a maximum of four times per year as long as the necessary financial reporting has been submitted and approved.


Q: What if I have a large project and it will take longer than a year to complete?

A: Multi-year projects and funding arrangements will be considered however it must be clearly identified in the project timeline why this is necessary.


Q: Who reviews the applications?

A: The Program has a process to support the facilitation of the program review; a team of reviewers from the Energy Division will host the technical project review. The GHG Grant Program Coordinator is not included in this review as the Coordinator is expected to provide ongoing support to applicants.


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