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Great Bear River Bridge

A new bridge will be built across the Great Bear River in the Sahtu Region of the Northwest Territories, supporting the current Mackenzie Valley Winter Road and the future all-season Mackenzie Valley Highway.

Fast Facts

  • 2 lane bridge
  • 460 metres in length with 4 concrete piers
  • Located at kilometre 938 of the Mackenzie Valley Winter Road

Project highlights

  • The new bridge will reduce safety and environmental risks associated with crossing the Mackenzie River ice road.
  • The bridge will be constructed 800 meters from the confluence of Great Bear and Mackenzie Rivers.
  • A permanent bridge will extend the winter road season, providing efficiencies for industry.
  • Improved access between communities will embrace social opportunities such as family, recreation, and sporting interactions.
  • Residents will have improved access to health care facilities and economic opportunities.

Project Timeline

  • The GNWT is currently working to attain permits for the project and complete the design packages.
  • Spring 2022: Regulatory approvals and permits expected
  • Winter 2023: Construction expected to begin
  • Winter 2026: Bridge expected to officially open