INF Employee Spotlight: Chelsea Digness

With 600 employees working across the territory, the Department of Infrastructure (INF) is one of the largest departments. INF has launched a campaign to highlight some of its hard-working employees and the important work they do. 

Kicking off the campaign is Chelsey Digness, Regional Highway Manager in Yellowknife.  

In 2005 I started as a casual Janitor/Clerk, and while in this role, I took management
training. In 2014, I was offered the position of Regional Highway Manager.
I am proof that if you work hard, are dedicated to your work, and continue
to pursue opportunities, your effort and dedication will get noticed. Without our
dedicated staff, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish our highway work,
ensuring a safe road system for all who travel our highways.

Highway staff maintain 3,873 kilometres of highways, winter roads and access roads, to ensure NWT communities stay connected.