Driver and Vehicle Services

New Driver’s Licence and General Identification Cards

The Northwest Territories (NWT) drivers’ licences and general identification cards have been re-designed. New and improved security features have also been added. 
The new cards will be available as of September 1st, 2020.  

NOTE: Cards with the older design remain valid until their expiry date (or extended expiry date due to COVID-19).


The new cards feature elements and colours from the GNWT’s Visual Identity Program that convey the North’s energy: sun, wind, water, aurora borealis, natural resources and the spirit of our rich and diverse cultures. 
Several official NWT symbols were incorporated: 

  • The Diamond, the official territorial gemstone and representing the first diamond mine in Canada
  • The Arctic Grayling, the official fish of the NWT
  • The Mountain Aven, the official floral emblem of the NWT
  • The Fox (general identification card only), an official part of the territorial shield and flag

Other recognizable NWT elements were also included:

  • The Midnight Sun to highlight our unique summer nights and our common reference of being “the land of the midnight sun”
  • Fireweed, because it grows across the North

Security Features

Front of Card 

  • Fine Line Background Printing: the card background is printed with extremely fine lines that protect data and are difficult to replicate 
  • Tactile Data Fields: some data fields, such as date of birth, date of expiry and others are prominently raised and can be felt by touch on the front of the card
  • Clear Windows: there are three windows in the shape of a large diamond, a smaller diamond and a midnight sun
  • Secondary Photo Image in Window: the large diamond window contains a small photo that is visible on both sides of the card and matches the primary photo on the front of the card
  • Arctic Grayling Feature: a seamless transition of the arctic grayling from the front of the card into the clear window with the tail continuing onto the back of the card 
  • Invisible Printing: a design is printed across the entire front of the card using invisible inks. Ultraviolet (UV) light reveals an intricate, multi-colour design 

Back of Card 

  • Barcode: the large barcode on the back of the card contains the personal information printed on the front of the card 
  • Front-to-Back Registered Engraving: the tail of the arctic grayling engraved on the front extends continuously and seamlessly from the clear window onto the back of the card