Deh Cho Bridge Tolls to be Increased

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News Release

YELLOWKNIFE (April 30, 2018) - The Department of Infrastructure advises that on May 1, 2018 the Deh Cho Bridge toll rates will be increased in accordance with the NWT Consumer Price Index.  

Toll rates will be increasing by 1.2 per cent. A copy of the amended rates can be found attached to this email.

Tolls on the Deh Cho Bridge only apply to northbound commercial vehicles weighing over 4,500 kilograms. Compliance is monitored through on-road patrols and an electronic toll monitoring system, which includes high-resolution cameras for capturing images of all bridge traffic.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please contact:

Greg Hanna

Communications Coordinator

Department of Infrastructure

867-767-9082 (extension 31046)