Oscar Creek Bridge Relocation

The Oscar Creek Bridge will be relocated six kilometres upstream of its current location in the Sahtu Region of the Northwest Territories - supporting the current Mackenzie Valley Winter Road and future all-season Mackenzie Valley Highway.

Fast Facts

  • One lane bridge
  • 66 metres in length
  • New location will follow the 1970’s Public Works Canada Alignment
  • Located at kilometre 1054.5 on the Mackenzie Valley Winter Road

Project Highlights

  • The Oscar Creek Bridge will provide a safe and reliable method of crossing the Oscar Creek.
  • A permanent bridge will extend the winter road season and improve access between communities.
  • A bridge will have lower environmental impacts than traveling over ice crossings.
  • Improved inter-mobility between communities will encourage social opportunities, access to health care facilities, sporting events, and traditional land use areas.
  • A longer winter road season increases the window-of-access for industry and residents.

Project Timeline

  • Winter 2019: Obtained a land use permit for geotechnical investigations
  • Winter 2019-Spring 2019: Geotechnical investigations are complete
  • Summer 2023: Regulatory approvals expected
  • Winter 2024/25: New alignment and bridge location expected to officially open to the public