Drivers and Vehicle Services

Personalized Licence Plates

Personalized licence plates reflecting your choice of letters and numbers are available in the Northwest Territories. They can be purchased by any NWT resident for use on private passenger vehicles including motorcycles and motor-homes. 

Personalized plates cannot be used on vehicles which require special plates such as trailers, rental, dealer, public service, or commercial vehicles.

Guidelines for selecting your personalized licence plate slogan: 

  • Slogans must be between two and six characters, including blank spaces. 
  • Do not use numbers only, or any symbols or punctuation.
  • Do not use combinations of letters or numbers that may be considered profane, offensive, or suggestive. 
  • Do not use combinations of characters that could create identification problems (e.g., 1 beside an I). 
  • Do not use combinations of characters that conflict wtih numbering systems already in use. This includes slogans beginning with CV, PS, RE, D, M, C and P followed by numbers. 

More information and application forms for personalized licence plates are available at all local issuing offices. Forms must be accompanied by the fee plus GST.

Fees - Personalized Licence Plate   

New personalized licence plate
(plate only; does not include costs of registration)
New personalized licence plate SENIORS
(plate only; does not cover costs of registration)     
Replacement of personalized plates
(if lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed)