Drivers and Vehicle Services

Road Safety

Safety is our top priority. We can all play play a role in keeping ourselves and each other safe. 

Before heading out, check highway conditions and have a travel plan. Follow us on Twitter and add our road information line to your contacts: 1-800-661-0750. 

Travel tips:

  • Carry a good spare tire (or two), first aid kit, tow rope, flare, axe, knife, matches, candles and a jerry can of fuel.
  • Be sure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition.
  • Fit your headlights with wire mesh or plastic protectors.
  • Reduce speed when passing approaching vehicles, to minimize dust and flying stones.
  • Minimize interior dust by closing all windows and using the vent fan.
  • Carry some extra food such as chocolate bars, fruit, and water.
  • In summer, carry windshield cleaning supplies and insect repellent, and in winter, extra warm clothes and a sleeping bag for each person.
  • Travel with your seatbelts fastened and your headlights on at all times - it's the law in the NWT.
  • You will be driving on one of Canada's largest regions of continuous permafrost that is constantly shifting and settling. Please use caution and drive to road conditions.