The GNWT phones, websites and email will not be accessible starting Saturday, May 15 at 10:30pm through Sunday, May 16 at 7:00am. 9-1-1, 811, and phones for Stanton Territorial Hospital and Inuvik Hospital will continue to work.

Driver and Vehicle Services

Permits, Tolls and Applications

All permits (listed below) must be purchased before entering the NWT. Contact any weigh scale for information and to purchase these permits. Commercial drivers should have a permit number available at road side when inspected for compliance. 

Payments can be made online or through a third-party permitting agent.

List of Permits, Tolls and Applications

Single Trip Permits




$10.00 × overweight × divided ÷ 1,000 × distance ÷ 100 + 20. 

Fuel tax
**Any carriers wishing to become monthly fuel tax reporters may do so by contacting the Department of Finance at (867) 920-3402.  

8.5 cents for every kilometre driven in the Northwest Territories
Deh Cho Bridge tolls Click here for a list of tolls
Registration Click here for a list of fees










Annual Permits

Extended length


Over height


Over width








Special Permits

9 axle permit


8 axle permit


Winter road permit

Hours of service permit  
Wide base super single  















National Safety Code (NSC)

All base plated carriers in the NWT must have an active NSC number issued to them. Any commercial vehicle weighing more than 4,500 kilograms or any bus with a seating capacity greater than 10 (including the driver) must be registered. Complete the NSC Application and send to the address on the last page. 
Toll Refund Request If you do not agree with a toll that you have paid, you have 60 days from the date the toll was paid to make a refund request. To request a refund, fill out this form and email the form to us.
Permit Pre-authorization Request Certain overweight and oversized vehicles are required to fill out a pre-authorization permit request before entering the NWT.