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Information on Certified Products

Electrical products bought and sold in the Northwest Territories must be safe for people to use and not cause a fire or a shock. The Electrical Protection Regulations say that all electrical products must be approved: "no person shall sell, display, advertise, use, offer for sale or otherwise dispose of in the Territories, any electrical equipment that has not been approved."

A certification agency, accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, must certify all electrical equipment that is used or installed in the N.W.T. It is a violation of the Electrical Protection Act of the N.W.T. and the Canadian Electrical Code Part I to buy, sell, use or connect electrical equipment that is not approved. This requirement applies to all electrical equipment that can be connected to or plugged into an electrical power supply. The requirement does not normally apply to battery operated electrical equipment.

To help you know if an electrical product is approved, the following is a list of certification organizations that the Standards Council of Canada has accredited as acceptable to certify electrical equipment and products for use in Canada. When purchasing electrical equipment, specify that the product must be approved and look for the certification mark.