Highways, Ferries, and Winter Roads

Snowmobile Safety

Share The Trail

  • Have a plan for breakdowns or bad weather
  • Dress for the cold, and always wear a helmet
  • Be alert for other riders and other trail users
  • Approach hikers, skiers, dog sleds, and wildlife with caution
  • Cross roadways with care, and only after stopping
  • Make sure you're highly visible by day and at night
  • Ride according to conditions at a safe speed
  • Reduce speed on unfamiliar trails and at night
  • Watch for thin ice and areas of moving water
  • Ride sober, and only with sober buddies
  • Mark your recreational ice roads for the safety of others:
    1. Obtain a free woodcutting permit from the Department of Environment and Climate Change to harvest small trees.
    2. Set your markers up along the roadside at 30-metre intervals.
    3. Remove markers before the spring melt and breakup.

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