Drivers and Vehicle Services

Snowmobile Safety

Learning the safe operation of a snowmobile is essential, particularly for new and young drivers.

The City of Yellowknife Municipal Enforcement Division offers a snowmobile safety course which is targeted at young people, but which anyone can attend. For more information visit the Municipal Enforcement Division section of the city of Yellowknife website.

Share The Trail

Here’s a short list of top tips that will make sure that you and your fellow snowmobilers will have a fun – but safe – time:

  • Have a plan for breakdowns or bad weather
  • Dress for the cold, and always wear a helmet
  • Be alert for other riders and other trail users
  • Approach hikers, skiers, dog sleds, and wildlife with caution
  • Cross roadways with care, and only after stopping
  • Make sure you're highly visible by day and at night
  • Ride according to conditions at a safe speed
  • Reduce speed on unfamiliar trails and at night
  • Watch for thin ice and areas of moving water
  • Ride sober, and only with sober buddies
  • Mark your recreational ice roads for the safety of others:
    1. Obtain a free woodcutting permit from ENR to harvest small trees.
    2. Set your markers up along the roadside at 30-metre intervals.
    3. Remove markers before the spring melt and breakup.

For more tips, visit the links below: