GNWT Building

New Government Building in Yellowknife

The New Government Building in Yellowknife is a seven floor, 6,000 square metre office building located on 49th Street next to the existing Stuart M. Hodgson Building.

In order to achieve the GNWT’s commitment to constructing energy efficient buildings with low operating costs, this building was designed to exceed the National Energy Code for Buildings and Good Building Practices for Northern Facilities requirements.

Quck Facts

  • Contractor: Clark Builders
  • Awarded Contract Value: $25,143,770
  • The project incorporated high efficiency plumbing fixtures, heat recovery ventilation systems, direct digital controls, and energy efficient lighting.

  • The project also included a new biomass heating system which connects to the Stuart M. Hodgson and Laing Buildings. This system is estimated to displace approximately 274,000 litres of heating oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 785 tonnes annually.