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Frequently Asked Questions

When is a permit required? 

A permit is required before any work is commenced on any electrical installation.

What are the permit fees? 

Permit fees are based on the total cost of the installation including materials, labour and all reasonable travelling and living expenses incurred by the applicant while absent from his or her place of residence and in the course of carrying out the electrical work. 

A minimum fee of $45.00 will cover projects valued up to $500. Permit fees for projects over $500 have been calculated for you.

Who may apply for a permit? 

Any individual that is registered as a Qualified Electrical Worker in the Northwest Territories may apply for an Electrical Permit. 

Click here for information on Residential Property Owner’s permits. 

May I obtain a permit by mail, facsimile or email? 

A permit may be obtained by a qualified electrical worker from any regional electrical inspector by mail, email or in person. Payment is accepted by cash or cheque. A qualified electrical worker can also obtain a permit by facsimile (867-873-0117) from the headquarters office in Yellowknife, with payment made by visa. 

A homeowners permit can only be obtained in person from any Regional Inspector. 

Qualified electrical workers may also fill out and the online permit applications directly from this web site, sign and submit.

Should I purchase the permit or let the contractor purchase it? 

The electrical contractor is required to obtain the permit as part of the project agreement. This is simply because the permit holder is the party responsible for the work and complying with the codes and regulations. 

Click here for information on Residential Property Owner’s permits. 

How long is a permit good for? 

An installation permit, other than for a temporary consumer's service for construction is valid for one year. 

An installation permit for temporary consumer’s service for construction is valid for 90 days. 

In both instances an inspector, upon application may grant one or more extensions of an installation permit at no additional fee. 

May a permit be voided? 

An inspector may cancel an installation permit, other than a temporary consumer's service for construction, where no work has been done under the permit for 90 days or longer, or the holder of the permit fails to comply with any provision contained in the permit, the Electrical Protection Act or the regulations. 

The Electrical Inspector may cancel the homeowners permit at his discretion. 

May a permit be returned for a refund? 

An inspector shall, on the application of the holder of an installation permit or a residential property owners permit, refund all but ($25.00) twenty five dollars of the fee paid if the permit is cancelled; the electrical work authorized by the permit is included in another permit; or the job is cancelled or destroyed before completion. 

No person is eligible for a refund of fees under a permit unless an application for refund is made within 90 days of the permit issued and no work has commenced.