Electrical and Elevators

Electrical Systems


Once registered, a valid permit is required before you start work on any type of electrical or electronic installation in the NWT.

Download and complete the appropriate form. Once you have completed the form, send it via email along with the appropriate fee to: elecmechsafety@gov.nt.ca.

See the “Fees” section for listed fees.

Electrical Permits

Application for Permit for Wiring Installations - Qualified Electrical Workers and Residential Property Owners

Required for certified electric workers and property owners in the NWT, whether undertaking a new installation, rewiring, or addition to an existing installation.

Applications to Supply Electric Energy and Conceal Rough Wiring

To ensure that work done follows the permit, code, and is safe for the supply of electric energy and safe to make roughed-in work inaccessible.

For information on Residential Property Owner’s permits, click here.