GNWT Fuel Services

Fuel Services


Petroleum Product Where Sold Uses
Diesel Fuel All Fuel Services Sites Home Heating, Mobile Diesel Equipment, Electrical Power Generation
Automotive Gasoline All Fuel Services Sites Cars, Light-Duty Trucks, Boats, Snow Machines
Jet A-1 Aviation Turbine Fuel Deline, Paulatuk, Ulukhaktok, Sachs Harbour Certified Aviation Product for Turbine Engine Aircraft
Naphtha Gas Colville Lake, Deline, Fort Good Hope, Lutsel K'e, Paulatuk, Sachs Harbour, Tulita, Ulukhaktok, Whati Camp Stove Fuel

















Note: Jet A-1 fuel is only available at airport facilities and is dispensed directly into aircraft. Jet A-1 fuel will NOT be dispensed in drums or jerry cans.

Note: Fuel Services does not supply or sell oils or lubricants. They are available for purchase at local stores in each community.

Note: Naptha Gas is sold in 4-litre cans or in bulk. For bulk purchases, you must supply your own container.