Highways, Ferries, and Winter Roads

Driving Safety

Always have a travel plan when driving on NWT highways. Know where to get fuel, where the nearest repair facilities are, and what the hours of operation are.

Highway Conditions

Be aware that at the beginning and end of the ferry operating season, ice conditions and fluctuating water levels may shut down services with little or no notice. Similarly, at the end of the winter road and ice crossing season, some roads may shut down with little to no notice. 

Emergency Services

Safety Tips

  • Wear your seat belt and keep your headlights on at all times. It’s the law in the Northwest Territories.
  • Drive with caution and always be aware of conditions.
  • Carry a good spare tire or two, first aid kit, tow rope, flare, axe, knife, matches, candles and a jerry can of fuel.
  • Keep your vehicles in good mechanical condition.
  • Bring seasonally appropriate gear: windshield cleaner and insect repellent in summer, extra warm clothes and sleeping bags in winter.
  • Reduce speed when passing vehicles to minimize dust and flying stones.
  • Minimize interior dust by closing all windows and using the vent fan.
  • Carry some extra food such as bars, fruit, and water.