Drivers and Vehicle Services

There are two ways to access driver and vehicle services in the NWT:


Driver and vehicle services online.


Visit your local issuing office.

Prior to issuing a certificate of registration and licence plate for a private vehicle, the client must present to the Issuing Agent:

  1. Acceptable identification. 
    Any of the following documents containing both “legal name and date of birth” and “photo ID” identified here may be used.
  2. A bill of sale
    Please note, if the person listed as the seller on the bill of sale is not the last registered owner of the vehicle, the previous Certificate of Registration for the vehicle must be provided.

  3. Proof of valid insurance 
    Please note, jointly owned vehicles must have both names covered under insurance, however only one of the owners listed must be present at the time of issuance

If the vehicle is new, a copy of the New Vehicle Information Statement Card (NVIS) is also requested.

Please note, a waiver is required from the registered owner if a third party is registering a vehicle on behalf of the owner