Programs and Services

Information on the 27 public airports in the Northwest Territories.
Registration, permits and fees for boilers and pressure vessels.
Financial contributions for community access roads, trails, docks and wharves.
Driver and vehicle services, including driver's licences and vehicle registration.
Electrical and Elevators
Registration, permits and fees for electrical, including elevators.
Managing our energy systems to be reliable, affordable and sustainable.
Managing government information, including information systems and internal records.
GNWT Building
Planning, design, construction, acquisition, operation and maintenance of public buildings and systems.
GNWT Fuel Services
Providing petroleum products to NWT communities not serviced by the private sector.
Registration, permits and fees including natural gas/propane appliances, equipment, components and accessories.
Information on Northwest Territories highways, bridges, and ferries.
Reliable cargo transportation on the Mackenzie River and Arctic Ocean supply route.
Information on the sale and donation of surplus government goods.