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Mail Services

Mail services for the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) are provided by contracts with private companies or by the GNWT.

Mail is picked up and delivered on a scheduled basis to government offices. To change a delivery location, call your mail contractor.




GNWT Contact

Fort Simpson


Kim Myers

Phone: 695-7285

Hay River

Property Watch

Phone: 875-8300

Fax: 874-6232

Janice Courtoreille

Phone: 874-7000


Midnight Sun Contracting

Phone: 777-3785

Fax: 777-3372

Louise Kuzman

Phone: 777-7260



Phone: 767-9049 ext. 32178 or ext. 32179
Fax: 873-0212

Russ Jones

Phone: 767-9049 ext. 32175

Internal Mail

Internal mail is any letter or package that is sent between GNWT departments, boards and agencies that take part in our mail service. (Click to see the list of boards and agencies.) Internal mail service is available within Fort Simpson, Hay River and Yellowknife. It is also available between Yellowknife and some communities by regional mail bag. All other communities are served by Canada Post regular services.

For internal letters, use internal mail envelopes. There are 2 sizes of tan envelope labelled INTERNAL: 4x9½ and 12x16, with holes in it. (Envelope supplies are available from the GNWT warehouse.) Address internal envelopes to:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Department, Board or Agency name
  • Location (building name, floor and community)

For internal parcels, mark clearly INTERNAL MAIL. Otherwise it might be sent by Canada Post.

Regional Mail Bags

Internal mail services are available between Yellowknife and Hay River.

Regional mail bag service is twice weekly.

*Mail to Fort Smith must be packaged and addressed for Canada Post.
*Mail to Inuvik must be packaged and addressed for Canada Post.
*Mail to Fort Simpson must be packaged and addressed for Canada Post.

External Mail

External mail is any letter or package that must go through Canada Post and requires postage for delivery.

For external letters use standard GNWT letterhead envelopes. Address external mail as you would any posted mail, including return address and postal code. Parcels are sent by regular mail unless you give other instructions. (Remember to mark internal mail parcels clearly so they won't be sent through the Post.)

See below for information about registered letters, large mail outs, US and international mail, Xpress Post and Priority Post. Another resource is the Canada Post website.

Large Mailings

When you have a large mail out, call the mail services contractor in advance. For large mailings, the user pays for the actual postage, plus a service fee.

Registered Mail

Departments must prepare their own registered mail. You need a registered label and a registered mail manifest (both of these are available from the mail contractor). A registered letter must be less than 500 grams (about a pound) and be within Canada Post size restrictions.

Put an elastic band around the registered letters and manifest, then put them in the out basket for the next pick up.


Use a sticky note on any US and International letter mail to make sure it is noticed and correct postage used. You must also include the addressee’s phone number in the address. Put an elastic band around a group of letters.

Items sent as small packet or parcel must have customs documents and details of the contents listed on the outside of the package. Give the description of each item, unit value, and number of units (customs forms are available from the mail contractor).

Xpress & Priority Post

If you want to send a letter or parcel by Xpress Post or Priority Post, get the envelopes from the GNWT warehouse or the post office.

Mail Supplies

Internal and external mail envelopes—as well as Priority Post and Xpress Post envelopes—are available from the GNWT Warehouse in Yellowknife. Go to Internal Services for requisitions, or call 767-9049 ext. 32178 or ext. 32179.

Internal Envelopes:

NWT 1901 - Tan Color, 4 1/8" x 9 1/2"

NWT 7000 - Tan Color with holes, 12" x 16

External Envelopes:

NWT 1902 - Tan Color, 9" x 12"

NWT 1903 - Tan Color, 9" x 15"

NWT 2094 - White Color, 4 1/8" x 9 1/2"

Priority Post Envelopes: Choose a size from the Stocked Items Catalog

Xpress Post Envelopes: Choose a size from the Stocked Items Catalog


Some other special supplies may be requested (free of charge) from your mail services contractor, including:

  • Registered letter stickers and manifests
  • Customs declaration labels